Easy Note Manager

Easy Note Manager v 2.5 loads, searches files and autosaves as you type!

Version 2.5 seems to be very stable so far and the UI has improved since the last screenshots.
This new version also boasts some OCR and AI capabilities.  

Opens csv txt json xml ps1 bat ini inf cfg html htm css js py log sql log files by default.
Add as many custom extensions as you like. 

Standard Features

  • List notes from multiple folders and easily switch between them.
  • Edit notes while it auto saves.
  • Search for text in all your notes super fast!
    • Allows the option to list all files in subfolders.
  • Unlimited undo text edit history while app is open.
  • Find in note
  • Replace
  • Create / Delete / Rename in app
  • Mark notes as Flagged/Important

Additional Features

  • Format
    • JSON
    • XML
  • Convert multiple lines to one line
    • Useful for long SQL queries in scripts
  • Encrypt note contents with a secret to Decrypt later in app. 
    • Useful for storing some passwords in clear text
  • Quick View CSV files in Data Grid for sorting.
  • View JSON as TreeView
  • Compute Hashes for selected string (MD5, NTLM, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512)
  • Convert selected string
    • To Base64
    • From Base64
    • URL Encode
    • URL Decode
    • Encode HTML Char Entities
    • Decode HTML Char Entities
  • Colour Picker
    • RDG Color <> HEX conversion
    • Select color
    • Gives Color Name
  • Data Rate Calculator
  • Data Conversion
  • Magic 8 Ball!
  • RegEx
    • Test RegEx expressions
    • Calculate RegEx Expressions by highlighting the part of the text you want and it generates the RexEx expression for you!

AI Features* (BETA Features)

  • OCR : Drag a photo with text into the text window and it will automatically generate the text from the photo in the text window. 
  • GPT Summarize : If you want a summary of the text in your text window, select this option and it will send it to Chat GPT and pop up with a summary. 

*AI features requires credits

The app is completely free to use to save you time and to never lose that important note again!

This app is not yet signed like the other apps. 
Code signing certificates are $300 now, so please consider donating if you have the means. 

  • Bug reports or feature requests : support@sysadmin-tools.com
  • Feature requests via the Donate button will get priority.
  • The application was written in DotNet Core 6 which may require you to install DotNet Core Desktop Runtime (it will prompt on 1st run)

Extract .zip after download.
No install required.


 Icon by https://icons8.com

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