Play a short notify beep sound when a device times out or as soon as a device comes online depending on your option. 

Now also shows % success rate

notiping.exe fail 
This will play a short beep every time drops.
notiping.exe fail
Scans TCP ports as well with the same functionality and beeps when the connection fails.

notiping.exe server success
This will let you know as soon as 'server' responds to pings again.
notiping.exe webserver:443 success
This will let you know as soon as port 443 is open on webserver.

Normal pings also works and gives you the drop count.
Also shows TimeStamps and last drop time. 

Why would I need this tool? 

  • Run this tool in the background to get notified when your internet drops a little. 
  • Get notified when a service drops with the TCP scan and 'fail' switch. 
  • Run it to check when a server or service comes online with the 'success' switch. 

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