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  • Easy Portable Network Scanner (Full)

    • Shows the switch IP and network port the device is connected to
    • Quick Software Audit
    • WMI & SNMP Properties
    • Port Scans
    • Remote FileSystem browser
    • Full Feature List
  • Ping Timer Graph (Full)

    • Ping response graph for multiple hosts.
  • SNMP Switch Settings Viewer (Full)

    • View important details about your switch via SNMP in an easy to understand interface.
    • View and search the MAC table.
    • See how many devices are connected to a port.
  • Active Directory Group Manager

    • Manage Active Directory Users and Groups in a better way
  • Easy SQL Assistant

    • Find data anywhere in SQL
    • Run queries without SQL Management Studio
    • Export results to CSV
  • WMI Commander

    • Run remote commands on workstations you have access to and view the output on your computer.
  • Search File Content

    • Search 1000s of log and txt files for search strings without opening them first. 
    • Perfect for IIS and Exchange logs.
  • NTFS Permissions Browser

    • List all subfolders and their permissions.
    • Filter on a user's permissions.
    • It also pulls all the nested groups the user belongs to and checks those permissions.
  • Registry Hunter

    • Search the registry, select the items you want to remove and then delete (instead of pressing F3 x 100 times.)
  • Easy Performance Graphs

    • Run popular performance monitors with a graph.


  • You can suggest more features!

  • Support and guidance using the tools.


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