I bought one of the tools with a one time purchase special, how do i get it now?

Send me an email at support@sysadmin-tools.com and I will send you the download link. Including your previous order number may expedite this process, but I should be able to verify your purchase just by email.
If I don't respond quickly, feel free to send me a message on the Facebook Page or the Facebook Group.

Are these tools safe? 

These tools were not created to damage your system, but to help you and save you time. 

Do they connect to the internet? 
Some of the tools connect to Github to see if there is a new version available,
You can verify this by running the tools behind a proxy server. 

Can the tools modify my system or infrastructure? 
No. These tools are only designed to gather information and display it to the user. They do not modify the system in any way except for writing log files to track errors. You can confirm this by running it with some process monitor software like Process Hacker as seen in the 3rd party section. 

Who can I talk to about safety concerns? 
You can email me anytime at support@sysadmin-tools.com or you can subscribe to Patreon and receive a quicker response.

Where are the download links? 
If you sign up via PayPal Memberships, then you will get access to the Members Download section, otherwise with Patreon the application download links are all hosted on Patreon and will be visible under the "Application Download Links" section as soon as you sign up.

Are the tools signed? 
Yes, Most of the tools are signed with a Comodo certificate.
This means they are from a Trusted Source.  

I am a Member via Patreon. Where are all the downloads? 
All the downloads are here

Do you offer Refunds?
Unfortunately we do not offer refunds, because we cannot guarantee that you will not use the tools once we refund your money. 

Privacy Policy
We do not collect any data with the applications and we do not sell any of your data. We charge a subscription fee for the tools. This is how we support the store. 

We do not do deliveries of software.