Are these tools safe? 
You can test the tools on Virustotal.Com before running them.
You can run them inside the Windows 10 Sandbox environment
These tools are not created to damage your system, but to help you and save you time. 
Written by a SysAdmin for other SysAdmins. 

Do they connect to the internet? 
Some of the tools connect to Github to read a text file only to see if there is a new version available,
You can verify this by running the tools behind a proxy server. 

Can the tools modify my system or infrastructure? 
No. These tools are only designed to gather information to display to the user (you). They do not modify the system in any way except for writing log files to track errors. You can confirm this by running it with some process monitor software like Process Hacker as seen in the 3rd party section. 

Why Patreon as a Subscription platform? 
Patreon is trusted, safe and easy to manage. 
At the moment it is more of an honesty system than a "you must pay" system. 

Who can i talk to about safety concerns? 
You can email us anytime at support@sysadmin-tools.com or you can subscribe to Patreon and receive a quicker response.