Easy Portable Network Scanner


  • See details few other network scanners can show you
  • Manage your network better
  • Portable tool - no install required

Can your current network scanner do all of this in one view? 

Over the years this has turned into a portable network management, inventory and monitoring tool. Everything any IT Professional needs in a network scanner.

Browse through all the features to see how this tool can make your life easier!



Main Features

  • Switch and Network Port Detection
    • Get the switch and port number where each device is connected to.
    • Perfect for network documentation!
    • Useful for finding devices on a large network.
    • Uses SNMP enabled switch information.
  • Software Audit
    • Quick Software Audit and Software install counts per device.
    • Useful if you want to quickly see how many devices connected to your network has photoshop installed, for example.
  • Hostnames via DNS, Netbios and uPnP
  • MAC Addresses on remote subnets via WMI and SNMP where available.
    • Device View
      • Live CPU, Memory & Disk usage graph
      • Manufacturer, Model & Serial info
      • Logged in User
      • Physical CPUs
      • Total Memory
      • Disk Info (Total Space + Free Space %)
      • Shares
      • Installed Software
      • View Processes with a right-click Kill option
      • View Services with a Start, Stop and Restart option
      • View and filter on warning and failed event logs from the last 24 hours.
    • WiFi Analyzer: Scan to show signal strength and channels of SSIDs around you.
    • Remote File Browser: View, Cut, Copy, Paste & Delete files on remote device.
    • WMI Options
      • Logged in User
      • Reliability Index Score
      • Operating System
      • Model
      • CPU
      • Memory
      • % Free Memory
      • NIC Speed
      • Serial number
      • Time
      • Select from self-added custom WMI query list
      • Get the MAC Address from a remote subnet device
    • SNMP Options
      • Description
      • Name
      • Location
      • Uptime
      • MAC address of remote subnet device
    • Multiple Subnet Scanning
      • Select 2 or more subnets to see all the results in one view.
    • Port Scans
    • Auto detects your local subnet.
    • MAC Vendor lookup
    • DHCP Server Info
      • See DHCP Scope info like Lease details and mobile hostnames that normally does not appear in other network scanners.
    • Active Directory
      • Highlight Domain joined computers
    • Right click connect options:
      • RDP
      • Browser
      • Telnet
      • SSH
      • SMB
      • Remote Assistance
      • SCCM Connect
    • Right click Actions:
      • Watch (Ping every 10 sec and marks green or red on result)
      • Trust (Marks MAC Blue forever)
      • Reboot
      • Computer GPUpdate
      • Run Continuous Ping in CMD Window
      • Log off a user from the device/server
      • File Browser - Cut, Copy, Paste or Delete files on the remote device. 
    • Right Click Details:
      • Some important ADSI Values
      • List all the Reliability Index events, like hardware failures or software installs.
    • Scheduled Scans
      • Leave the scanner open and scan the subnet every x minutes to gather as much details as possible.
      • Great for gathering workstation details where users connect throughout the day
    • Export: to CSV and HTML
    • Save scans as XML to load, update or investigate later.
      • NOW includes NMAP shortcuts built in (requires NMAP).
        • Global
          • DHCP Discover
          • Dropbox client discover
        • Per device scan
          • General vulnerability scan
          • SMB protocols scan
          • SSL Ciphers scan
          • Typical open port scan
          • Operating System detection
          • Check Web server details

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