Veeam Assistant

Get more data from Veeam
Ease troubleshooting
Document your backups


  • See the Job Chain order of your backups
    • Save tons of time figuring this out yourself!
  • Restore points
  • Application aware status
  • Index status
  • Schedule
  • Average runtime of the job
  • Destination
    • If Disk backup : Repository
    • If Tape backup : Media Pool
    • If Replication : Server name
  • Shows the recent failure count of the job


  • Disk Backup
  • Replication
  • SureBackup
  • File To Tape Backup
  • Backup to Tape Backup
  • Backup Copy
  • SQL Log Copy
  • Agent Backup

If your backup type is not included in this list, it can be added for you. 

Application requires access to the Veeam instance, but if this is not possible, it can download PsExec and run the application as SYSTEM, that normally has access to the instance. 


  • Job history with average speed of the job
  • Super fast filter

JOB <> TAPE details

  • Shows the tape jobs and which tapes were used for the job.
  • Search for jobs to see which tapes were used.
  • Search for tapes to see which job is stored on them.
  • Shows tape expiry date


  • Shows largest backup
  • Smallest backup
  • Backup with most failures

This is not a Veeam dashboard replacement, but it does provide some pretty useful information to quickly troubleshoot backup issues.

Also perfect for Backup and replication documentation.
Just run the application and copy the data to an Excel spreadsheet.

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