Easy SQL Assistant

Very useful SQL Query tool for IT Professionals with limited SQL experience.
Portable - So no install required.

  • Connect to Microsoft SQL Server and run queries.
  • Export Query Results to CSV
  • Find any Column in any Table
  • Find ANY Value in Any Column in Any table.
  • Filter QUICKLY on Results
  • Common query list (SELECT,ALTER,DELETE etc)

  • ALL without SQL Server Management Studio.

    Why would I need this tool? 

    • Need to get data but don't know where the data is in SQL?
    • This tool can find a specific value anywhere and tell you in which table and column it is. 
    • Very useful for writing scripts and reports.
    • Export data effortlessly to CSV from SQL.
    • Don't want to install SQL Server Management Studio?
    • Change management policies to get SMSS installed. 
    • etc... 
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