Easy SQL Assistant

Version 2.8

Very useful SQL Query tool for IT admins with limited SQL experience.

  • Connect to Microsoft SQL Server
  • View Database Tables
  • Double-click on tables to run SELECT Statement
  • Run Queries
  • Troubleshoot SQL performance with built in Statement
  • Find any Column in any Table
  • Find ANY Value in Any Column in Any table.
  • Filter QUICKLY on Results
  • Export Query Results to CSV
  • Look at 2nd slide to see how it works in action!
  • Select from a list of common queries and copy it to the clipboard

  • ALL without SQL Server Management Studio.

    Application will now notify when there is an update available. 

    SHA : d55eb807577cb069c9f3a64c811f4a830902720f158d0eff52ee791acdd7fbd6