Active Directory Computer Description Updater 
Update the description field of your domain computer objects with the following.

FirstName LastName - Serial Number

Download link that contains the application, the code and the instructions on Patreon when you pledge $1 pm or more.


I also have a bunch of apps that are not really store quality, but are available to request on Patreon. Some of these are still in development and others are just very simple stuff i made as needed. 

  • Ricoh printer stats in HTML output command line tool - Run this as a script every month to see your printer counts in your inbox.
  • File change monitor and email notifier : Get notified when more than x amount of files gets changed or deleted on your file server within a second (Useful for knowing when Ransomware is active). 
  • Screenshot App (add icon on taskbar to make a quick screenshot)
  • Time Keeper app - Very simple app to make notes of how much time you spent on tasks for the day. Useful for adding time entries at the end of the day. 
  • TFTP Server UI - Want to backup a switch but too lazy to start up a TFTP server? Run this app from your computer and point the switch command to your IP. 
  • Trend client redirect (supply me with your new server name and i can customize it for you)
  • Password text grabber - make those starred out textboxes visible. Nirsoft has more of these types of tools. 
  • File Mailer Service - Folder watcher to mail a file to a preset email address as soon as it is dropped in there. Can monitor 10 separate folders. 
  • Check NTP server command line tool.

PowerShell Scripts 

  • FTP Downloader 

Batch Scripts 

  • Clear cached credentials 
  • Disable sleep and shutdown
  • Enable sleep and shutdown

CUSTOM Small Apps ($10 and above)

  • Want something small and custom not listed here? Chat to me about your custom software needs. 

More to come!