Unlock Active Directory User

Unlock Active Directory User


  • Quickly unlock an Active Directory user using this application.
    • The app loads all currently locked out Active Directory users and allows you to unlock them quickly. 
  • List users with expired passwords and set them to not expire if you want with a simple right click.
  • You can also list users with the "Never Expire" attribute set and set them to expire. 

Portable tool - no install required. 

Why would I need this tool?

  • This tool will save hours of time over the course of a month.
  • No more search for users that are locked out. 
  • This tool will show you all the locked out users and you can right click and unlock them. 
  • You can see expired user account and set them to not expire with a right click. 

SHA : c0aeca735876313fa17a6efa63667d162830f8ac7dfd8e5d73e6e5e5792ffd59

Important : Add Delegation of a user account to allow this application to run from the admin's desktop, otherwise run it with a domain admin account or just run it from the DC. 


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