Search File Content

File Content Search application

  • Quickly look for words or phrases in log or txt files.
  • Perfect for scanning through many log files for specific phrases.
  • No need to open the files to search.
  • Scan Exchange or IIS logs quickly.
  • Can search large log files GB in size in a minute or two.


  • Click a file name to view 100 lines of its contents at a time.
  • Find Next feature highlights the string you are looking for in the file.
  • Show all occurrences of a string you are looking for in a single or multiple files.
  • Copy results into an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis.

Application will now notify when there is an update available. 

SHA : 541ae0fff2b6389a67f856d632f9f0ec69382cbe9a67274be5da074389861dfc