Assign Mass NTFS Permissions

  • Loads all Active Directory Groups to choose from
  • Can also set local users or groups if specified correctly
  • List all folders inside a folder
  • Check for specific permissions on each folder and highlights them green
  • Set permissions with Full, Modify, Write or Read on each folder

This will most likely be useful when a lot of the folders do not have inheritance enabled.
If they do have inheritance enabled you should not need this.


  • Cannot set permissions on a folder if the user / group is already in the ACL.
    This is to ensure no issues are created.
  • Ideally suited for a single active directory domain network.

This tool is currently in BETA, but works pretty well with the scenarios described above. 

Please supply your correct email address when downloading, because this application will still get MANY updates in the foreseeable future and you would not want to miss out on the notifications. 


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