Kiss the SLOW Windows File Search Goodbye with this tool...

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Let's all agree, windows search is useless!

It never finds the files you need, especially not that mp3 you dumped in a random folder 7 years ago but now you're at a party and you only remember part of the file name. 

The good news is, there is an alternative.
It's FAST & It's FREE!

Too good to be true? 
This miracle program is appropriately called EVERYTHING and its made by VoidTools.

Here are just some my favorite features it includes:

  • It indexes a 1 TB HardDrive in less than a minute!
  • Fast Sort
    • You can sort by created date and see files as they are being created on your system.
    • The same with modified date.
  • Search for part of the file name + .ext to find that mp3 or 7 year old budget instantly! 
  • Sort by Size and extension, like .iso to see all the large ISO files on your device.
  • Search for the folder path + .ext to show all the files of that extension in that folder.
  • Scan a network folder or drive so you never have to click through those folders again (you can't make shortcuts of all the folders). 
  • Search for photo extensions and change from detail list to extra large thumbnails and now you have a photo viewer.
  • You can even index an FTP server directory.
  • The Indexing service can run as SYSTEM, so it can even find files you don't have access to. 
    • This is a good way to find those files with a specific cryptolocker signature extension as well. 

I seriously cannot imagine my life without it anymore.
This is what it looks like, so simple.


Indexing Options 

The creators of this tool really undersells it on their website, but this tool WILL change your life!

The tool has a portable version as well so no install needed, but it does work best when installed and its indexing service is running. 

You can find the application free to download here. 

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