Veeam Backup Run Times

Veeam Backup Run Times

PowerShell Script that uses a SQL Query to get all the "Disk Backup" or "Backup to Tape" jobs from Veeam and displays it on an easy to understand schedule table. 

It shows all the backups jobs that ran from the previous day 5pm to the present day 10am, so the ideal time to schedule the script would be 10 am.

You may edit the script in any way that suits your needs.

Requirements: Access to the Veeam SQL instance. This should be ok if you run the script as SYSTEM in Task Scheduler. 

How to set up the Script
1. Edit the bottom of the script and put your Email Server and mail addresses in. 
2. Run the Script using Task Scheduler every day at 10am from the Veeam B&R server.
3. Change the username running the task to SYSTEM in the Task Properties. 

The script does not modify your system in any way except for creating the HTML File.
It Also creates a C:\Temp\VeeamReport folder, but you can change this in the script. 

If you run the following Query in the Veeam SQL instance, you can get the backup types for all your other jobs.


You can then replace the "job_type" number in the PowerShell script with these numbers.  

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