SNMP Switch Settings Viewer

View your switch settings via SNMP


Version 2.8!

Gather valuable info from almost any switch using SNMP.

Use the scan network option to match MAC Addresses to Hostnames.
This tool allows you to see every device connected to your switch! 

You can also see how many devices are connected to each port, which can help you identify when someone may be using an unmanaged switch in their office and connecting multiple devices. 

New Feature Coming Soon
Ever wanted a tool to monitor a switch to see which port changed while you plug a device in and out?
This tool will highlight any port that changed connection status after the first scan. 

Switch Detail

  • Name
  • Model
  • Firmware (HP/Cisco)
  • Location 
  • Uptime
  • CPU Usage
  • Memory Usage

Port Details

  • Name
  • Device counts connected to port
  • Status
  • Connected Device Count
  • Description
  • Tagged VLANs
  • Untagged VLANs (or with DELL, the PVID)
  • Trunk details
  • LLDP MAC (Experimental - Tested with Procurve)
  • LLDP Name (Experimental - Tested with Procurve)
  • LLDP IP (Experimental - Tested with Procurve)
  • Hostname 
  • STP Cost of port
  • STP State

ARP Details

  • MAC Address Table
  • Port
  • Hostname (With network scan option)
  • MAC Vendor (Requires internet)

VLAN Details

  • VLAN Name

Port Utilization 

  • Port Name
  • Port RX
  • Port TX
  • Port Total
  • Refresh button calculates difference since last update and adds to new column

Note : Switch SNMP details may vary across manufacturers.

When starting to use the application on your network, please verify the details in this application with your switch interface to ensure everything is correct. This application has been tested with HP Procurve, Cisco and some Dell switches and works pretty well. I use it on HP switches regularly.  


SHA : f8e8c6686274e38dd71c7f617b141da813b5505c3c1e3519de1f24a4ddb1fce0

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